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Certified Organic Chicken Starter Crumble

For your Farm

Certified Organic Chicken Starter Crumble

starter crumble.JPG
starter crumble.JPG

Certified Organic Chicken Starter Crumble


What we feed our chickens is just as important as the lifestyle we provide them.  Certified organic feed means no GMOs, no hormones, no additives - just REAL ingredients.

This Starter Crumble is a broad spectrum ration specially formulated using certified organic grains and protein meals.  The crumble is made by finely milling the ration, conditioning it with steam and then pressing it into a pellet.  The pellet is then put through a crumble, which breaks the pellet into a more manageable size for young birds to consume.

The uniquely diverse nature of this ration negates the need to change diets part way through the growing cycle.  This avoids waste and the expense of a seperate feed, as it can be fed to day old chicks through to point of lay hens (approx 18-20 weeks).


  • Product of Australia
  • ACO certified organic
  • Ideal for laying chickens, meat birds and ducks
  • 20kg packaging
  • Feed from day old to point of lay 

Country Heritage Feeds OPO05-C - ACO certified organic.

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