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Baby Chicks, certified organic

For your Farm

Baby Chicks, certified organic

2 weeks old 230316.jpg
2 weeks old 230316.jpg

Baby Chicks, certified organic


Beautiful baby chickens, ranging from 1 day old to 6 weeks old.  These babies are loved and cared for by our family, on our farm.  We spend a lot of time with all of our animals, so they are very used to human (and dog) interaction - perfect for a loving family pet! 

For their time on our farm, they are raised under strict certified organic guidelines which means they live completely naturally (no de beaking, clipped wings etc), have access to grass that hasn't been applied with chemicals (whilst the chicks are too little to go outside, we cut and collect grass to take to them) and only eaten certified organic feed (no GMOs etc).  They are all very familiar with people and dogs and love a good cuddle!


You will need to collect these precious chickens from our farm at Tamborine Mountain - we will arrange a time with you after your order has been received.  Please have their new home properly set up and ready for them before you pick them up.  We would highly recommend continuing their organic life as it creates very happy and healthy chickens that will give you delicious eggs - you can purchase many certified organic products from our shop or contact us if you would like something that is not available.

We do have brown, black and white chooks available - if you have a preference, please write this in the notes of your order and we will do our best to give you what you want.

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