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The Team


Johanna Bell

The next generation.

Building and growing Allamburra Organics as a modern, environmentally-friendly, sustainable farm and family business is Johanna's dream.  Johanna is Tim and Leanne's eldest child, being born and raised on the Gold Coast.  Growing up, Johanna has always been intrigued by her family's farming history and particularly captivated by her father's knowledge, practical skills and insight into farming systems and interactions within the natural environment.  Johanna followed this interest through university, achieving a Bachelor of Science and Master of Environment.  Realising the benefits and potential of small-scale, organic farming, Johanna has been motivated to work with her family to build something special on their Tamborine Mountain property.  Johanna is enjoying incorporating modern methods, sustainable practices and environmental management into the Allamburra farm.  Her favourite part of the whole process is that she'll never stop learning!


Leanne Presser

Mother hen.

Leanne's family has a rich farming history in Queensland, particularly with the Goomburra (half of "Allamburra") homestead in the Darling Downs region, near Allora QLD.  Leanne was born in Toowoomba, raised in Brisbane and settled on the Gold Coast where she has managed her and Tim's own business for over 25 years and raised their family. There is no challenge too big for Leanne, as she has wholeheartedly embarked on the Allamburra venture.  You will find Leanne working hard around the farm, doing all of the daily chores - rain, hail or shine!  With ease, she is an inspirational businesswoman AND a loving and caring mum to her four kids plus all of the chooks, sheep, dogs and cat on the Allamburra farm.



Tim Presser

Once a farmer, always a farmer.

Tim grew up working on his family farm, Allambie (half of "Allamburra"), in the Mallee country north of Bordertown, south-east South Australia.  He completed a Bachelor of Applied Science in Agriculture at Roseworthy College (University of Adelaide) and spent some time working as a contract shearer and rouseabout throughout South Australia, as well as a shepherd in Germany!  Taking advantage of presented opportunities, Tim started his own business at the young age of 24.  This relocated him to the Gold Coast, as he became involved in the ever growing lighting/signage industry.  With Allamburra Organics, Tim is excited to be back in the farming/agriculture industry with fresh ideas and new challenges.  Tim is our go-to man for everything around the farm, as his knowledge, experience and skills are invaluable.


Farm Dogs

The guardians of our farm.

Mischa, our Mareema (Italian sheepdog), always keeps a careful eye on the entire Allamburra property and everyone/everything within its boundaries.  Her team of little helpers are always close by to lend a hand when needed.  Together, they keep predators away and help to make our farm run smoothly.  Plus, they are great company to have!