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10 things we love about our chooks - and you will too!

Johanna Bell

It's no secret that we adore our chickens - just have a look at the hundreds of cute chook photos on our insta ;)  We also love giving them the best possible life on our farm, seeing them live happily and enjoying their nutritious googy-eggs.

lemon chickens.JPG

There's a lot more to a chook than what most people realise, so we want to tell you 10 things that we love about our chookens, which makes them and their eggs so special...

  • They lay the best eggs

obviously! ;)  The certified organic life really suits chickens - it makes them very happy and healthy, in a completely natural way.  You better believe that you can taste the difference in our eggs!

  • They're friendly

our chooks follow us around, talk to us, get excited to see us and love a good chicken cuddle (see point 6).  Leanne is particularly known to sing to our chickens - maybe that's the secret ingredient!

  • They're adventurous

yep, these chickens loooove to explore and play on all sorts of obstacles.  They climb trees, jump over fences, dig holes and chase after bugs.

  • Free fertiliser

how good is chook poop!?  It's our "special ingredient" in our composting, plus the chooks naturally spread it around our avocado and fruit orchards as they wander.  You can visibly see where our chicken caravan has been parked in the paddock because the grass is greener and thicker.

  • Natural pest control

chickens are omnivores, which means that as well as plant matter they will eat worms, bugs and any other small animal!  The best thing is that since having our chooks, we've noticed a significant decrease in the prevalence of ticks - which is great news for us and all of our animals!

  • Chicken cuddles

when you raise animals as part of your family, they become part of the family.  Our chooks love being with people and if they're not too busy (the chooks, that is), they love a pat and a cuddle.

  • They've got pizzazz

personality plus! Chooks are such individuals, they all like different things, have different routines, or have their own favourite hang-out spots.  We even have one chicken who has made it her life's purpose to lay her egg in the bathtub inside the house (she has succeeded at this on numerous occasions!).

  • Individuality

because every chook is different, it means that their eggs are also different.  Our favourite thing to see when we open a carton of our eggs is different colours, shapes and sizes!

  • Persistance

our chickens like to do what they want, when they want, where they want.  Sometimes this stubbornness can be annoying, don't get us wrong!  We've spent many a night carrying chickens back to where they are supposed to be.. but you've got to admire a bit of determination and persistence!

  • Creatures of habit

lay egg, eat, drink, sunbake, forage, dirt bath, forage, sunbake, preen, eat, drink, forage, preen, sleep, REPEAT.  The life of a certified organic chicken is actually quite enviable!

tree chooks.JPG

We admit, our chickens might be a "little" spoilt, but we believe that you get what you give.. and when our chooks get the best life possible, they give us the very best eggs!

hello chickens.JPG

Did you know that you can purchase our mature hens, who have lived their whole life with us, to grow your own backyard farm!?  Click here for more information.