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Eating Local - Gillian Bell

Johanna Bell

This is the first of our 'Eating Local' series, where we want to put a spotlight on beautiful people who are doing amazing things within the local food / certified organic / sustainable farming community.


Gillian Bell is not your average cake maker..

Based in Brisbane, Gillian has a reputation for creating truly magical wedding cakes, which now sees her travelling the world baking.  Gill's cakes champion local ingredients, which are all individually sourced by herself and all contribute their own component to a unique story that is being conveyed through the cake.

Photo credit: Instagram - @emmawilletts22 @camlafarm @gillianbellcake

Photo credit: Instagram - @emmawilletts22 @camlafarm @gillianbellcake

Gill has been a great supporter of Allamburra Organics and many other local farmers.  Since the very beginning of Allamburra's farming journey, Gill has incorporated our fresh products (particularly eggs!) into her recipes when baking locally.  Her pure excitement over fresh, local, certified organic products as well as her genuine interest in good farming practices (like many of you have) is what motivates us to do what we do.

Photo credit: Instagram - @gillianbellcake

Photo credit: Instagram - @gillianbellcake

When Gill bakes internationally - which she does quite a lot now (New York, France, Japan..!) - all she takes with her is a few basic essentials (#haswhiskwilltravel).  She spends a good amount of time settling in to the area, meeting growers and sourcing the finest quality ingredients.  Along with the wedding couple's input, this is what helps her shape the cake that she will be baking.  



We don't think we can quite portray Gill's true magic in words, so please follow her on Facebook and Instagram (@gillianbellcake) to see the magic in pictures.

We'll leave you with an extract from Gill herself about what she does and why she chooses organic:

Every cake I bake has a story to tell – of the dairy farmer up at dawn to send me fresh, creamy milk and butter, the happy chickens scratching in the morning mist laying beautiful golden eggs, the wheat farmer eating breakfast knowing he has a long, hot day of harvesting stretching out before him, drawing on a lifetime of experience that tells him the grain is ripe.  Now it is my turn – to call on my lifelong love of baking, and with these wonderful ingredients, bake them into the most special cake of a couple’s lives.  

Baking for me is a deeply sensory experience that evokes the narrative of our lives, redolent of culture and history. I choose to use organic, locally sourced produce in my cakes because I know the remarkable difference in quality and taste and it is important to me that my cakes taste delicious as well as look beautiful. I also want to support our farmers and producers who farm sustainably and to pay them a fair price for their efforts so they can continue doing what they do best. This way, I can tell couples where every ingredient in their wedding cake comes from and about the producers in our community who have played their part in the story of their cake.

Photo credit: Instagram - @gillianbellcake

Photo credit: Instagram - @gillianbellcake