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Giving our chooks the life they deserve - right from the beginning!

Johanna Bell

You have probably seen many pictures on our social media of adorable, fluffy baby chickens on our farm (how could we possibly resist taking so many photos of their cuteness!)..

This is because, every single one of our chooks have lived at Allamburra for their entire lives! They are all raised by our family (including the dogs, of course) on our farm from when they hatch.  This concept may not be something you would normally even think about when considering the welfare of farm animals, but when you do give it a bit of thought, you can see how important it is..

Many "normal" (conventional/free range etc.) egg farms will buy in their chickens at point of lay (when they are at an age where they are about to start laying eggs).  This saves the farmer a lot of time, money and effort in looking after the chickens whilst they are too young to lay and therefore not making a profit (that's usually about 15-20 weeks!).  Until that time, those chickens are kept and raised by the wholesale poultry farm - I don't think we really need to go into the details of what the living conditions are like there, it's not pleasant and I'm sure you've all seen the disturbing videos/photos.

At Allamburra, we actually LOVE all of our animals and genuinely enjoy providing each of them with a fulfilling, nourishing, adventurous, fun life - which is exactly what they deserve, right from the beginning!  As the great Joel Salatin would say, we are respecting and honouring the chicken-ness of the chicken - but we are making sure that we do that for their whole lives, not just the timeframe that suits us best.

Raising chickens from when they hatch is a requirement of the Australian Certified Organic standards and yet another reason why we believe certified organic is the best way to go.

Thank you for choosing Allamburra Organics and helping us to give our chooks the life they deserve - you should be very proud of what your food choices are achieving here!