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About Us

Our Journey

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The inspiration...

With a family history of Australian farming and educations in agricultural and environmental sciences, it has been an exciting and eventful journey back to our farming roots.  In doing so, we wanted to modernise our practices and stay directly connected with our consumers.  Feedback from our customers about how yummy, fresh and un-supermarket-like our products are, inspires us to continue what we do and expand the range of certified organic products we offer.

On Tamborine Mountain, we are lucky to live in an environment with lush rainforest, fresh spring water and fertile volcanic soil.  These environmental factors not only contribute to us being able to farm delicious produce, but also offers constant inspiration to be sustainable in everything that we do and farm within the limits of our land.

Our animals are a special part of our family and we enjoy being able to provide them with a healthy, happy life and the opportunity to be true to their natural instincts.  We are always learning from our beautiful animals and their natural behaviours inspire us to continue to develop ethical farming practices that best suit their needs.

Becoming certified organic was a very important step in our farming journey.  Not only do we believe in the organic farming standards set by this system, but this certification is also what allows our customers to be 100% sure about what they are buying.

Our goals...

At Allamburra Organics, we want to directly connect local consumers to our farm, offering fresh, organic products.  We continue to strive for sustainability and aim to offer a plentiful range of certified organic products for those who are conscious of how important their food choices are.